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1. Plant pots.
  By integrating a customer's existing desktop printer with an SL1000 wipe on label applicator, and custom wipe down mechanism, the labeling of plants pots is fully automated within one unique labeling system.    The system includes an extra heavy duty conveyor, desktop printer platform and interface with a wipe down mechanism suited for a rugged labeling environment.  The system will apply labels up to 50 products per minute.

2. Chocolate Eggs.
  How do you label 15,000 - 20,000 chocolate eggs per hour?  Very carefully and fast!  This system combines a high speed metering device, product positioning conveyor, synchronous hugger belts & overhead hold down, and redundant high speed SL2000 label applicators.  The system can apply labels at rates from 200 - 400 products per minute in this "zero down time" production environment. 

3. Child car seats.
  When people think of semi-automatic labeling systems, as simplistic, table top label applying, they weren't thinking of this car seat labeling system! This unique system applies three pre-printed and one print & apply label to child car seats.  The PLC (programmable logic controller) driven system applies fours labels, then shuttles the car seat to a scanning station for label verification.  The product is then removed, returning the product fixture to a home position, all within the required 12 second cycle rate.  The system also includes low label and web break detection. 

4. R320 Front & Back Round Product Labeling system. This newly introduced option to the R320 system provides front & back labeling that is fast, accurate, and flexible enough to handle a variety of label formats including crescent-shaped labels on tapered products.  The system uses a specially designed vacuum belt label wrapping station that is versatile enough to be used on front & back labels on the same web, front & back labels on two webs, or a single label wrapping around cylindrical products.  The R320 Front & Back includes micro adjustments for product tapers and skew making the system friendly to some of your most un-friendly round product shapes.

5. "Knock down" carton labeling system. This unique labeling system provides an alternative to labeling the sides and corners of erected cartons. By labeling the cartons pre-erected, this system adds speed and versatility to carton labeling. The "knock down carton labeling system includes a flat carton stacker/feeder, an L60 tamp applicator, a wide label SL2000 wipe-on applicator (up to 9” web widths), and “KD” carton collection rack. The system adjusts to a variety of carton widths. 

6. Print and Apply “spine labels” to CD and DVD jewel cases. The CD spine labeler prints and applies a clear label around the CD/DVD closure that serves as both product identification and tamper evident product seal. The system labels the CD cases at a rate up to 100 products per minute with a +/- 1/32” label accuracy. The system is equipped with Universal's UPA II Printer Applicator. A unique label wipe down mechanism was used to accommodate this application. The 6” x 8' soft belt conveyor is designed to integrate into the manufacturer's shrink wrap line.

7. Labeling sets of table legs.  A table manufacturer had a difficult time labeling table legs in their assembly area.  The problem: The operators did not want to separate the pairs of table legs to label them, thus slowing the assembly process.  The solution: Universal's semi-automatic labeling system, applying the label to one table leg, then offsets the pair, applying the label to the second set legs, all in one command.  This method allows the operator to keep the sets of legs together, adding speed and efficiency to the assembly process.

8. Custom-designed clamshell labeling. There are many combinations of clamshell labeling whose requirements vary from primary labels, nutritional information, tamper evident or some combination of "top & bottom or multi-side label wrap.  The shape of container and label dictate the labeling system design from standard belt driven systems, split belt or side belt drives.  Most systems are designed to fulfill multiple labeling applications.  As the continuing needs of package efficiency converges with product marketing, the clamshell bakery container will continue to evolve; as will the machinery that will label them. 

9. All air operated labeling system for harsh environments. Universal's legacy of designing custom labeling systems continues with an air operated system harsh industrial environments. The labeling system includes Universal's EX100 air operated wipe on label applicator as well as an air driven conveyor and product sensor.  Several anti-static components were used in the system that requires an "earth ground" for operation compliance.

10. Semi-automatic three or four panel wrap labeling system.  The PLC controlled labeling machine performs both a three and four-sided labeling of small rectangular bottles.  The bottle,  placed into the carriage, is shuttled underneath the labeling head and cylinder.  The applicator head moved downward, applying the label around three sides of the bottle, then a wipe down brush applies the fourth side of the label before releasing it back to the operator.